Windshield & Glass Chip Repair

* Available at BC locations only.

Let our glass professionals repair that windshield chip before it cracks! We can do it as a same-day repair, on-site!

Quick reliable service and WE COME TO YOU!

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Windshield & Glass Chip Repair FAQs

That small chip might spread to a crack that will require a full windshield replacement.
Your comprehensive deductible is 3x to 5x more than a windshield chip repair. Repair is less expensive and helps you keep your OEM windshield.
Usually we can have you in and out in less than half an hour. Replacing a windshield takes several hours. Your time is valuable.
In most cases the chip becomes 90% less visible. If you look hard enough you can see a faint outline of the repair.
Specialty tools and equipment are used to inject an epoxy like resin, under pressure into the chip. Filling it and bonding it together to stop further cracking. The resin is cured using a special UV lamp.

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