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Colorworks - A Brief History

Colorworks was founded in 1991. We have been a combination of franchise owners and company-owned partner operations for over 30 years.

Colorworks started as a mobile repair franchise system. The focus then was small mobile repair. ‘We’re on the spot’, was our tag line. This service and philosophy have stood the test of time. It remains a very strong profit focus.

Weather, increased job size demand, and mandated new materials were all part of the ‘drive to inside’. Once you repair vehicles inside a shop you are a body shop and get to enjoy all the benefits, privileges, and responsibilities in accordance with this. In the early 2000’s we migrated toward shop production in addition to mobile service, and our focus on dealer mobile repair started to transition toward larger retail repairs.

In 2011 we introduced our new logo to the market. “Colorworks Express Autobody Centers” became the new descriptor of our business and we have forged ahead with full service to the retail and dealer market segments. Our focus remains with the customer. We have put our energies toward the drivable repair. 5-15 hour repairs are our sweet spot. We understand what the customer wants. We have an excellent cycle and touch time results and we move cars through our production system with a lean’ performance in mind. We delight our customers with quality and speed today, as we did 30 years ago. The jobs have increased and the method of production has changed over the past 30+ years, the philosophy of reliability remains.

Colorworks has repaired millions of vehicles over the years. We have been the best-kept secret in the marketplace. Not anymore. With our mission to be reliable, to continuously improve, and to be good partners with our operators we intend to repair millions more vehicles and we intend to showcase this within the market.

We will get there with people like you. Welcome to making history with Colorworks. We are looking forward to the experience with you. “There is no ‘u’ in Colorworks, but there is a ‘u’ in our priorities.”

Our purpose is to restore our customers to the rhythm of their lives giving them peace of mind.

Our reason for being is to be the company that improves the image of the collision repair experience by providing fast affordable Auto Collision repair with a touch of small town values in every community we serve. The only way to achieve this is through our steadfast commitment to you.

This means you can expect consistently high quality, accurate estimates and on-time delivery at every Colorworks location.

Here, there is a focus on earning and maintaining your trust through an open line of communication. And we keep a close eye on managing the overall cost of repairs and informing you of any changes. At the end of the day, our commitment is our promise to provide every customer with complete satisfaction; it’s what drives us.

We earned our experience working for those in the car trade (dealers, leasing companies, service departments) and these are demanding customers for high quality AND service.

Since day one, we have remained intensely focused on restoring our customers lives back to normal and giving them overall peace of mind.
The people you’ll meet at Colorworks are the same people you’ll meet in your local grocery store, your trip to the park or the open house at your neighbourhood school. Like you, they care about their community. We haven’t forgotten who we are and bring those same values to the automotive collision repair experience. We bring a touch of small town class to every repair.






These are the attributes that set us apart in the industry. We are a trusted friend in automotive collision repair.

Colorworks Values

At Colorworks, we think it is important that you know what our values are so you will know how we make judgment decisions: Colorworks will consistently deliver the most advanced repairs in the automotive market through a network of successful locations committed to reliability and continuous improvement.


Reliability is paramount in a service business. Colorworks embraces reliability because our customers deserve it.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is ceaselessly becoming better at what we do. Each job is better than the last, each day new lessons are learned and implemented and each month the business is more quality oriented and closer to the customer than the last.


Partnership means that we own our business and directly participate in the risks and rewards. Everyone in the Colorworks organization has a role rather than simply has a job.

Get started. It’s easy, fast and cost-effective.