Colorworks Cares Day!

Colorworks Cares Days is scheduled for Thursday June 13th at all participating locations across Canada.  Our goal is to raise $300 -$500 for each shop.  

We will be donating all funds raised to U of T Cancer research and any help you can give us will be going to directly to help conquer cancer.  All funds go directly to cancer research efforts at U of T.

If you would like to donate here, click on this link and make a direct donation.  Every bit helps!

Also don’t forget to drop by our Colorworks locations and get your car washed for Cancer on Thursday June 13, 2019.

Spring Car Care Tips

The days are getting longer and the flowers are soon to bloom. Spring must be in the air. With hopefully the worst of the winter weather behind us, your car probably needs some love and care to get back looking its best.

Road salt, grime and dirt can wreck havoc on you paint job and the outside of the car, and the inside most likely needs a little sprucing up as well after the winter rain we have had.

Here are some tips to get your ride looking fabulous for the sunny weather ahead.

Give your car a good wash

Car washing is one way to keep your car in top condition. Gone are the days of grabbing some dish soap from the kitchen and filling a bucket of water to go out and wash your car. Dish soap is designed to take grime, grease and oil off of dishes and should stay in the kitchen. Those de-greasing agents in the dish soap can dry out the rubber seals and plastic mouldings on your car and can even strip your car way.

The best way to clean your car is to use a car shampoo. These products have come a long way and are now able to gently clean your car but leave car wax, paint protectant and sealant intact. Check out the list of top car shampoos at Car Products Tested.

Vacuum the inside

Now is the time to suck up all the grime, leaves, dirt and salt that has made it’s way into your car and on your carpets. If your rear seats fold down by flipping the cushions, lift them and up and grab all the dirt that has accumulated under there. You may find a lost glove or mitten too!

Clean the Dash

It is amazing how dusty this area gets. If it is just dusty, you can use a damp cloth but if you have spilled anything on the dash or console use a spray cleaner or wipes to get the area clean. Just be carefulyou are not using a cleaner with silicone or solvents, and don’t let them get on the glass of the windshield. No one likes the smell of old milk or coffee in the car so clean your cupholders before the sun bakes those smells in.

Clean the windows

This is the hardest part of cleaning a car. Sure getting a nice wax job is tough, but a streak free windshield takes a miracle. Start with a clean surface. We mean dust the windows with a microfibre cloth. This helps avoid streaking. Also, clean your windows in a shady area when they are not too hot. Then using glass cleaner and paper towels try to get the best streak free windows possible. You can buy special cleaning pads for the tight spot where the windshield meets the dash here.

When you are cleaning your car and you notice scratches, dents or key marks that do down to the metal the only way to fix these are by sanding and filling the scratch with paint using a tiny pinstriping brush. The pros at Colorworks can blend this type of fix with surrounding paint quickly and easily. Give us a call if you need any cosmetic repairs for your vehicle.

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Auto Body Repair on Electric Vehicles

Electric cars such as the  Porsche Panamera Plug-In, Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and models from Tesla are becoming increasingly popular with today’s motorists. However, not every auto body shop can handle electric or hybrid cars. They either don’t have the knowledge or tools to fix them. At Colorworks Autobody Centers, we have a proven track record when it comes to these types of advanced electric cars.

With automobile collision repair, it may seem that most cars would take the same materials to fix. With more technologically-advanced cars and trucks, auto body shops need to constantly upgrade their equipment to ensure they can stay ahead of the curve.

Electric and hybrid cares have many benefits – the obvious one being lower fuel costs. There are also some trade offs which include a higher repair bill. We will walk you through the different aspects of electric cars so you can get your vehicle fixed quickly and efficiently.

The Cost of Electric Vehicle Collision Repair

One of the drawbacks of an electric or hybrid is that if you get into an accident, it could cost more than a gas-powered vehicle to get fixed. This is mainly because the battery can be easily damaged and can be expensive to replace. Also, electric and hybrid vehicles haven’t been around for as long as gas-powered vehicles. Thus harder to source some of the parts used in the repair. Newer parts can be purchased from the original manufacturer but if you’re looking for used parts, it can be harder to source.

If the panels near the battery are damaged and need to be serviced, then the battery will have to be de-energized and taken out which leads to additional labour and time. Even if the electric car is in a major accident, it could leak battery acid which is corrosive and can be dangerous. If this is the case, it could cause extensive damage to other parts of the car and may even mean that the entire vehicle would have to be replaced.

Luxury Electric Cars

The Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling electric vehicle of all time, but its blend of steel and aluminum construction also means that, like its electrical counterparts, it can be more expensive to repair. Even minor damage can easily cost thousands of dollars. At Colorworks, we have years of experience dealing with all models of Tesla cars and other luxury electric vehicles. If you get an estimate from another auto body shop and it seems expensive, give us a call. If your luxury electric car only has minor damage and you’ve being quoted in the thousand-dollar range for a cosmetic touch up, try our express auto body shop which can fix your vehicle quickly and cheaper.

The Best Solution for an Electric and Hybrid Repair

At Colorworks we have technicians that have gone through specialized training to repair hybrid and electric vehicles. Because of the increased risk of electrocution, technicians need to understand how to repair electric cars.

To make an appointment, call us at 1 (888) 939-2349 or email and we will help direct to the best location to handle your auto body repair, dent repair, or collision repair needs.

Auto Body Repair Jargon

When you’re in an automobile accident are you afraid of taking your car in because you don’t know what the mechanic is talking about? The auto body repair process can be a daunting place with a lot of acronyms and difficult terms. We’ve put together a list of some of the auto body industry’s most common jargon so you can better understand what’s going on with your vehicle and what repairs are being done.

Peace mind after a crash

Aftermarket Parts

Many auto body shops use what are called aftermarket parts. These are any parts of a vehicle that aren’t produced by the original manufacturer. Since they are made by a company that originally didn’t produce your vehicle, they can vary in quality and price and may not be the best option.


This is a written document that lists the damages and cost of repairs. A well-written estimate should have an easy-to-understand breakdown on how much parts cost, labour, and how many hours a technician thinks it will take to repair your vehicle. While an estimated isn’t always completely accurate, there should not be a large variance between the estimate and the actual cost. If there is unexpected damage or a change in the estimate you should be notified immediately.


A primer is an undercoat paint system usually applied to the metal surface of the car before the paint is applied. It is used to protect and bond the metal with the paint.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

This is a unique code the motor vehicle industry used to identify your car. You can look up the history of a vehicle if you know the VIN you can find out what type of accidents the car has been in and the previous owner’s information. The VIN also allows an auto body repair technician to order the correct parts for your vehicle.

R&I (Remove and Install)

When a motor vehicle part is removed from a damaged vehicle and is repaired separately and then re-installed on the vehicle. 

R&R (Remove and Replace)

Likewise, when a damaged part is removed from a motor vehicle and instead of being repaired, it is replaced by a new part.


This is an insurance term used to describe a motor vehicle part that has been replaced due to an accident that has some wear with a new part. This often results in improvements on your vehicle. For example, a car that has over a hundred thousand kilometres is in an accident and the engine is destroyed. We may not be able to source an engine with the exact same kilometres, so we will likely find an engine with less wear and tear on it to replace it.


This is a heavy platform used to fix a vehicle that has been misaligned during an accident. It is done by placing a portion of the vehicle on the platform then restoring the structure using special clamps, hydraulic winches, and hoists.


This is the process of thoroughly cleaning the interior and external for your vehicle. It often includes shampooing, vacuuming, spraying and polishing your vehicle.

LKQ (Like Kind and Quality)

This is an industry acronym for Like Kind and Quality which refers to a used part salvaged from another vehicle. It usually has roughly the same wear and tear and same value as the old part. The technician will inspect the part to ensure it’s safe to be used in your vehicle.

3 Common Auto Body Winter Repairs


Canada is known for its winters and though out Canada, with that comes a higher risk of accidents due to quick changes in weather conditions. The wet snow, icy roads, and salt take a toll on your vehicles so it’s no surprise that at Colorworks Autobody Centres, it’s one of our busiest seasons.

Here are some things to be mindful of when you’re on the road this winter.

Rust from Snow and Ice

Cold weather takes a toll on your vehicle’s paint job and can cause lasting damage if not properly treated. The moisture from the snow and ice can also cause rusting, especially in the crevasses of your car. A large contributing factor to the rusting is the de-icing salt used on roads and walkways which can quickly damage a beautiful paint job.

At Colorworks, we can do paint touch-ups and fix small corroded areas to prevent rust from spreading quickly and which can save you from having to get your entire vehicle repainted. Whenever possible you should park your vehicle in a garage or underground parkade during the winter months. This will protect your car or truck from the elements. Many people don’t think to wash their car in winter but don’t wait to get rid of the dirt, salt, and grime that builds up.

More Front Bumper Damage

As the temperature drops, one of the most common problems is front bumper damage. This has become even more problematic as a lot of modern cars now have plastic bumpers which aren’t as durable and damage easier than the steel and chrome ones used in older vehicles. Many drivers hit black ice or skid on wet snow and damage the bumper. Also snow banks become hard and drivers make the mistake of driving over them which can result in dinged bumpers.

Wind Shield Damage

In the winter months debris from trees, bridges, and other obstacles can fall onto the road and then get spit up by passing cars and hit your windshield. Most people also remember when motorists were faced with an expensive bill after the ice storm and ice bombs fell from the Port Mann and Alex Fraser Bridges and shattered their windshields.

Another common problem during winter time is when motorists blast the heat up too quickly in their vehicle and the outside is so cold that the rapid change in temperate can actually cause small hairline fractures to grow and crack the windshield. Do not wait to get the crack fixed as it will spread, and you’ll have to replace the entire windshield. It is much more cost effective to get the crack fixed when its small. In general chips that are smaller than a toonie can be filled, depending on the area.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore problems just because you’re busy – we know winter can be hectic for so many reasons! Come visit us at Colorworks so you can make an informed decision about your vehicle.

Get started. It’s easy, fast and cost-effective.