Collision and Autobody Centers

We will contact you within one business day after you complete the free estimate form. For faster response, call us toll free at 1.888.939.2FIX (1.888.939-2349) and asked to be connected directly to our service representative.


If your repair is an emergency and your vehicle requires immediate attention, we will attempt to provide service right away. For fastest service, drive to one of our shops, or we may ask you to meet us on-site at another job location for fastest attention.

Our repairs are all done from an estimate we agree on. You are welcome to upload a picture of the damage so we can give you an idea over the phone. There are limits to what we can effectively and legally paint on a mobile basis. Larger repairs are done in one of our shops.

We do offer an ultra-convenient mobile service. We are happy to provide you an estimate at your place of business and, if necessary, make the repair there as well. We simply require a dry, well ventilated area with access to electricity and some space to work (two or three parking spots including a spot for our mobile unit). 

**(Please note: Mobile services are only available in Hamilton Ont., Vancouver B.C., Nanaimo B.C., and Duncan B.C.)

Our repair should last for as long as you own the vehicle. Ask us about our satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’re not.

We advise customers not to wash their vehicle for two days after our repair to give the paint time to cure. Afterwards, you can wash your vehicle as frequently as you wish.


Depending on your policy details, your insurance company may cover our repair costs. We’d be happy to help you find out. When the repair cost is less than five times your deductible (yes 5 times), it’s often worth NOT making an insurance claim with your insurance company to avoid raising premiums. This varies by insurance company, so ask us to help you with this one.

Anytime, anywhere. We come to you 12 months a year, although to do our repairs we want to create a dry, well-ventilated location to do our work. (Please note: Mobile services are only available in Hamilton Ont., Vancouver B.C., Nanaimo B.C., and Duncan B.C.)

Insurance – Ontario and Alberta

It’s your car! You have the right to have your car repaired at the shop you choose. It’s the Law!

Absolutely not. Once you are comfortable with your selected repairer, advise your insurer. We can help you by making the call with you present. The Insurance Company may wish to send an appraiser to assess the damage. This is normal, and again, we will deal with them for you.

 As soon as you have decided that a claim is appropriate, and before authorizing repairs to your vehicle. You’ll want to confirm 2 things with your insurer;


·       You want Colorworks to do the repair on your vehicle

·       You want to make sure they give you a claim number


If you want, you can come to one of our shops. We’ll explain the whole process to you in great detail and we’ll assist you in making this call.

No. The shop you choose will offer you a full warranty. You can check our full warranty

Lease Return

In many cases, a charge will be levied for damage deemed to be beyond “fair wear and tear”.

Most lease inspectors will use a template, roughly the size of a credit card. If the damage to the car is larger than this, there will usually be a charge applied.

 You should arrange for an inspection at least 2 weeks prior to returning the car. This will allow enough time to take care of any issues that would incur a charge.

Often, we can remove a dent by using Paintless dent removal, or buff scratches out, or paint a smaller area of the car than is traditionally necessary. In the vast majority of cases we have saved customers $100’s over the charges that they would have otherwise paid.

Get started. It’s easy, fast and cost-effective.