Paintless Dent Repair - PDR

Dings and dents don’t have to be a weeklong multi-thousand-dollar affair. Part of being an auto body Smart Repair Specialist is being able to keep the repair small, manageable, and affordable. If the paint is not cracked or broken, we can usually perform PDR “Paintless Dent Removal” or “Paintless Dent Repair – PDR”, saving you precious time and money. Whether it’s a minor dent repair, a simple car dent repair or a precision dent repair, Colorworks will get it done quickly, efficiently and at right price. If you’re in the lower mainland in BC,  ask about our mobile dent repair. Click here.

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Dent Repairs FAQs

One little dent can seriously affect your cars resale value, stay on top of little dents and maintain the value of your investment.
NO! Often we can repair small dings and dents using a technique called “Paintless Dent Removal” (PDR)
PDR is usually used to remove small parking dings but can be used on larger dents if there is access behind and the metal is not to stretched.
At Colorworks Express Autobody, 30 years of experience means we metal work and finesse the panel / dent back into shape to ensure minimal body filler before refinishing the panel.
On replaceable panels, like fenders, large dents might sometimes be cheaper to repair by replacing the panel. On structural body panels like roofs and ¼ panels we can repair very large dents keeping the repairs cost effective

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