Headlight Restoration

These days headlight lenses are made from plastic. The plastic degrades over time reducing your light output. Our specialists perform a full headlight restoration of the plastic to make it clear as new, increasing your light output making for a safer and more enjoyable commute.

We'll make them look brand new!

Headlight Restoration FAQs

The suns harsh rays constantly attach the plastic lenses which eventually lose their UV resistant coating. Eventually the lens degrades, fades and fogs and reduces light output.
New headlights can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Let Colorworks Express Autobody Centers restore your headlights for a fraction of the price!
Modern vehicles commonly have plastic headlight lenses that degrade and Yellow over time. Not only is this unsightly but it reduces your vehicles light output.
We carefully remove the damaged and faded layer of plastic from the lenses, we then polish it to it original luster before we seal it all in with a specialty coating designed to ad back the UV protection so the repair lasts years to come.
Usually we can have your vehicle in an out in approx. 3-4 hours.

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