SMART Auto Paint Repair

‘Smart Paint Repairs’ means small, medium area repair techniques that require minimal downtime; Sometimes in as little as one day! Colorworks Express Autobody Centers have been performing Smart repairs for over 30 years, all over the globe. Why should a bumper scuff take days to repair and cost so much? Your scuffs, scrapes, and dings can be restored in one day and at an affordable price.

We are the SMART PAINT REPAIR specialists!

Smart Paint Repairs FAQs

SMART stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technique. Colorworks Express Autobody Centers specializes in these repairs at all our locations.
SMART stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technique. These are small to medium size repairs that can be completed in a 1-3 days, often at a reduced cost compared to visiting a full body shop or collision center. Colorworks Autobody Centers specializes in all types of repairs. We can handle anything from a door ding, to a bumper corner scratch/scuff, to much more in order to restore your vehicle to pre-incident condition.
SMART repairs can be very economical when compared with other options. Often, completing a SMART repair can leave your car looking like brand new without a large hit to the wallet. At Colorworks Express Autobody Centers, we will give you a FREE estimate and work with you so that you know your options and understand the costs involved.
Colorworks Express Autobody Centers can help you out with almost any size of SMART repair. An average size job is approximately 1-4 handprints in area.
At Colorworks Express Autobody Centers, we know how to complete an Express repair! It depends on how deep the scratch is and how large it is, as well as if there are other damages. Typically, a small bumper scratch can be repaired in one day. We will give you a FREE estimate before you move forward with the repair.

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