Colorworks Cares Day! Raises over $4,300

Thank you for helping us raise $4,355 on Colorworks Cares Day. Your support goes along way, we could not of done this without your support. Together we you, we are making good things happen in your community.

Colorworks Cares

If you would like to donate here, please complete this form and make a direct donation. Every bit helps!

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We will be donating all funds raised to U of T Cancer research and any help you can give us will be going to directly to help conquer cancer. All funds go directly to cancer research efforts at U of T.

Colorworks Cares Day!

Colorworks Cares Days is scheduled for Thursday June 13th at all participating locations across Canada.  Our goal is to raise $300 -$500 for each shop.  

We will be donating all funds raised to U of T Cancer research and any help you can give us will be going to directly to help conquer cancer.  All funds go directly to cancer research efforts at U of T.

If you would like to donate here, click on this link and make a direct donation.  Every bit helps!

Also don’t forget to drop by our Colorworks locations and get your car washed for Cancer on Thursday June 13, 2019.

Colorworks Cares! Supporting U of T Cancer Research

Each year, shop and mobile operators contribute to Prostate Cancer Research at the University of Toronto. This year we took our donation to a collective $52,000! With our focused efforts in working to brand our business and share our Corporate Social Responsibility, this number is sure to increase quickly in the coming year. Way to go!

Thank you for helping us support this initiative. We started this five years ago to help do our part in the fight against prostate cancer. Every dollar we raise goes directly to cancer research. Give back to the community we serve is a true value of Colorworks.

Check out the awesome thank you card from our friends at U of T.

Gear West Update and Highlights

On May 2nd, two students, Taylor Scholz and Colorworks founder, Don Konantz’s son, Willy Konantz started their grueling 4,500 km bike trek from London, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. All the money raised is going directly to the Vancouver Prostate Centre.

Here are video highlights of their incredible journey. Please watch the video then donate to this great cause.

For more information please visit their;

Facebook Page:

To make a $10 donation, please test “Bike” to 41010. The donation will appear on your cell phone bill.

Two University Students Biking 5,000km Across Canada For Prostate Cancer

Willy Konantz and Taylor Scholz
Willy Konantz and Taylor Scholz

Willy Konantz (son of one of Colorworks Founder, Don Konantz) and Taylor Scholz are two university students biking 5,000km across Canada in an attempt to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer Research. One night in the summer, we biked to a party; narrowly missing traffic, we talked about doing something like this for a cause. Several people close to us, including my father, Don Konantz, were getting diagnosed with prostate cancer.  In addition ‘Step Into Action’, Dr. Riley Senft’s cross Canada run for Prostate Cancer Research was fresh in our minds. This started as an ambitious thought – friends laughed, family members doubted – but the two of us were committed. Over a couple pints, we mapped out our ride and specified our goals. This idea was turning into reality.

Our adventure will begin in London, Ontario on May 2nd, 2012 and will roughly take us a month.  We will be biking nearly 180km each day as we travel across the country.  Along our route we will be raising awareness for this potentially preventable cancer and promoting youth involvement.

Please help us reach our goal of $50,000. Please spread the word about our ride, and any donation would be greatly appreciated. Donations are done through the link below.

Donate Here! Click Here.

Please provide your contact and payment information.  The contact information is required to generate a tax receipt after you donate.  An electronic tax receipt will be sent to the email address that you provide.

Show Your Support- Text “BIKE” to 41010 to make a $10 donation.

All of Gear West’s donations will be donated to the Vancouver Prostate Centre at the conclusion of our ride (June 5th).  The Vancouver Prostate Centre is one of the leading centres in Prostate Cancer Research worldwide and it is our goal to assist the centre to find a cure.

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