Colorworks Doing It’s Part to Find a Cure

At Colorworks, we feel that it’s not only important to be strive to be a great company. One of the pillars of our culture is to also be a productive part of the communities we server. In our never ending quest to help find a cure for cancer, Colorworks continues to support the great research work of Professor Michael Ohh and his team at the University of Toronto Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology are doing.  On June 14, 2017, we were honoured to be able to give a $10,475 donation on behalf of the Colorworks Express Autobody Centers staff, management and mobile operators across Canada.

Professor Ohh is known for his pioneering and paradigm-shifting work in the field of hypoxia signalling and cancer cell biology, and has published 75 peer-reviewed articles in journals with broad readership such as Nature Medicine, Cancer Cell, Science, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences with an H-index of 40, i10-index of 62 and over 10,000 total citations. Professor Ohh is a recipient of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize, Premier’s Research Excellence Award, and Canada Research Chair in Molecular Oncology.

Pictured L to R: Dr. Yoshihito Kano (U of T Lab of Med & Path), Michael Ohh, PhD (U of T Lab of Med & Path), Greig Clark (Chairman, Colorworks Canada Board of Directors Member), Kevin Carter (CEO, Colorworks Canada)

Colorworks Founder, Don Konantz, Speaks at Terry Fox Foundation Announcement

Colorworks Founder, Don Konantz

On November 2nd, 2011,  Colorworks Express Autobody Centres founder Don Konantz spoke at the Terry Fox Foundation announcement that they are donating 12.7 million dollars for cancer research. By his own admission, Don is living proof the cancer research matters.  Don was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2011.  On that day, Don was undergoing his twelfth day of radiation treatment for lymphoma cancer that developed when his prostate cancer metastasized. Don and his family have always taken part in the Terry Fox Run to raise funds for cancer research.

“We will find a cure,” he said. “My children and your children will live in a cancer-free world.

“We will find the finish line in the Marathon of Hope,”

The biggest chunk of the money goes to a team led by Dr. Martin Gleave of the Vancouver Prostate Centre. The group will get just over $6 million over five years to study stopping the progression of advanced prostate cancer. Ontario and Quebec researchers will get the remainder of the funding.

Dr. Sean Egan of the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto will lead a team getting $2.8 million over three years to find the Achilles heel for primary and metastatic tumours of the breast and brain. Another $3.8 million over three years will go to a team led by Dr. Michel Tremblay of the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre and McGill University in Montreal.

Their research will focus on how cancer cells metabolize in order to lead to targeted therapies.

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