How Important is a Car’s History?

How Important is a car’s history? You slowly and carefully back into that narrow spot in the underground parking garage. You turn your head for a split second to see who’s honking their horn and SCRAAAAAAPE! The parking garage pillar now has a perfect sample of the Iridium Silver paint you pain-stakingly spent hours choosing in the dealership. You take it to your local body shop and have it fixed. They do an amazing job and it looks like new. You can’t even tell it was ever damaged. It looks the same or even better than it did before it was damaged. So, is your car now worth less? YES.

If a dealer was doing a trade-in appraisal on 2 exact same cars, year make and model, and the only difference is your encounter with the underground garage pillar, your vehicle will be valued 10% – 30% less.

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Happiness Is…

Hi there!  Welcome back to another edition of Pass Me the Star (Screwdriver) or PMS for short.  This week I’ve been thinking about what makes me really happy during my day.  With the days getting shorter the early darkness blues start setting in.  To help combat this I think about one thing that happened during the day that left a positive impact.

For the most part, it’s usually the people I work with in the office and not the detailed task list.  People can truly make your day.  A well-placed smile or holding the door for someone can be their turning point from what started off as a crumby slog.

A few weeks ago this radio ad popped up that a Colorworks customer in Barrie provided after he received great service from Darcy and Liz.  He definitely sounds pleased with his experience and mentions Darcy and Liz by name.  They had a positive impact on what was a pretty rough day for this person.

If you are located in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia and having one of those rough days because you’ve been in a minor collision or found a scratch or dent on your car, call Colorworks.  Their shops and staff are ready to help you with your repair, walk you through an insurance call, and be supportive and friendly in what they know is a difficult and stressful time.  Take the stress out of your life completely and call Colorworks.

Check out the radio ad attached to this note below.  Thanks for tuning in and catch you next week!


It’s your choice!


Hi there!  Thanks for tuning in to PMS (Pass Me the Star [Screwdriver]).  This week I’m dipping into an area that often accompanies autobody repair work – insurance.  Buckle up!

Did you know that when you call in an accident requiring repair work many insurance companies will (emphatically) instruct you on where to take your vehicle?  That lots of companies will promote one shop and even go so far as to tell you that you must take your vehicle there?  This actually happens.  Is there truth in it?  Must you abide by these rules?  None.  Nada.  Absolutely not!

The fact is that it is your legal right to take your vehicle to the autobody shop of your choice.  No matter what!  Insurance companies may tell you to take it to a particular shop because they have a pre-existing relationship with it, or maybe they just really like it, or working with that shop is very easy for them.  It doesn’t matter.  Your insurance company doesn’t guarantee the work on your car – the autobody shop does.  Therefore, a claim can be submitted with work completed by any  professional repair shop.

Colorworks will help you make this call to your insurance company.  They know the lingo with many companies to put claims through and get you the best service and repair possible.  The team at Colorworks will support you in your choice to use them as an autobody repair shop and provide information to your insurance company right over the phone.

I don’t know about you, but after a collision – drive away or not – I’m sure I’d be pretty overwhelmed and stressed.  It would sure be great to have a body shop in my corner when speaking to my insurance company versus the insurance company controlling my repair at their cost decision.  Let Colorworks be in your corner.  They know what they are doing to get you the best repair possible.

Thanks for reading.  Tune in next week when I’ll be going further into the importance of keeping environmental principles and practices in mind – especially for autobody shops.  Catch you next week!


How Colorworks helps Insurance agents and their clients

imagesI can be quite a dilemma. You just returned to the parking lot with your groceries, and your prized possession is sitting there with the bumper cracked from top to bottom, or someone has very kindly run a trolley down the side, and put a deep gash in the paintwork.

After screaming blue murder, there is a decision to make. Pay for the damage out of pocket, or put a claim through comprehensive insurance?

In most cases these days there is a fairly hefty deductible in place, commonly $500-$1000. A lot of people don’t realize that many repairs performed at Colorworks Express Auto Body Centers can cost way less than the deductible. In the long run, this can prove more cost effective than claiming due to the risk of next years premium being raised and the claim being recorded in the driver’s history.

Colorworks will always discuss with the client the pros and cons of claiming or not, and work with them to look at the most cost effective way of restoring the vehicle’s look again.

The Colorworks way of offering options can also help the Insurance broker to retain his client relationships as well. The discussion at renewal time becomes a lot easier if the premium has remained fairly steady, despite the car having had some bumps and scraped repaired outside of the policy. All the broker needs to do upon receiving a call from the client is give one of Colorworks locations a call and they will be more than happy to discuss the several options available to all parties. People are very often surprised when told there are a few ways to tackle the problem, rather than just having a hair-raising quote thrust at them.

Added to this the Colorworks mantra of “we come to you”, with the estimate literally being performed on the driveway (even the repair in a lot of cases), the initial frustration of having such an expensive item damaged can at least be made a fair bit less painful.

Get started. It’s easy, fast and cost-effective.