Happiness Is…

Hi there!  Welcome back to another edition of Pass Me the Star (Screwdriver) or PMS for short.  This week I’ve been thinking about what makes me really happy during my day.  With the days getting shorter the early darkness blues start setting in.  To help combat this I think about one thing that happened during the day that left a positive impact.

For the most part, it’s usually the people I work with in the office and not the detailed task list.  People can truly make your day.  A well-placed smile or holding the door for someone can be their turning point from what started off as a crumby slog.

A few weeks ago this radio ad popped up that a Colorworks customer in Barrie provided after he received great service from Darcy and Liz.  He definitely sounds pleased with his experience and mentions Darcy and Liz by name.  They had a positive impact on what was a pretty rough day for this person.

If you are located in Ontario, Alberta or British Columbia and having one of those rough days because you’ve been in a minor collision or found a scratch or dent on your car, call Colorworks.  Their shops and staff are ready to help you with your repair, walk you through an insurance call, and be supportive and friendly in what they know is a difficult and stressful time.  Take the stress out of your life completely and call Colorworks.

Check out the radio ad attached to this note below.  Thanks for tuning in and catch you next week!




Keeping it Local

BuyLocalThanks for tuning in again this week to PMS (Pass Me the Star [Screwdriver])!  This week is all about the importance of shopping local.  What does that mean?  For some of us, local is where we commute to each day, or a certain kilometre radius near our home or community.  Supporting local business to me is synonymous with supporting “small town” or “small shop(s)”.

Being a small business owner is a rewarding but tough gig.  Competition takes on a new meaning when you are not only competing with all the other “small town shops” out there but also the well established and known superstores.

Now, I’ve frequented large stores myself.  Sometimes there isn’t another option.  When I have the choice I try to shop at small, locally operated businesses.  Why?  I like putting a face to the name on the website or the person who took my call when I come in.  I enjoy the conversations that happen naturally with the people who work in a small shop and that they are genuinely interested about me as a person.

Most of all I know that my dollars are going towards someone who I’ve met, who is a part of the community (in whatever shape or form that takes), who works hard and is passionate about their career.  Colorworks is one of those small town businesses.  They employ local experts and are active in the community.  Someone greets you when you walk in the door and has a conversation with you.  Everyone that I’ve dealt with wants me to have the best experience possible – and I have.

In short – I urge you to shop local and/or think of the “small shops” on the block.  They aren’t going to take you or your business for granted.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you next week!



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