The Political “Show”

I’ve been thinking a lot about the American Election this week.  Don’t worry – this isn’t a political rant.  I will only say, I’m dumbfoundedly shocked by the result, but then again, so are many people all over the world.  And now, the aftermath.
Really, it’s all a big show.  He said.  She said.  Past scandals.  China.  Wrong.  Nasty woman.  The show.  And I term it a “show” because who can really say with certainty what a political leader will actually do or not do when in office.  And this could be said for any political leader.
This got me thinking – the “show” has also been stereotypically applied to body shops.  We’ve all heard horror stories.  Shady dealings, rough places where you don’t really know what’s happening with your repair when you send it through the doors.  Very male dominated.  Sound a little familiar?
Today, most body shops are the exact opposite of what this stereotype portrays them to be.  Working with a company like Colorworks leaves me feeling great about body shops – especially seeing the results with customers.  At any shop across the country, the estimator will sit down and explain the repair process with you, they’ll even show you where it happens.  And that’s the only “show” in the process.   It’s straight-up, honest, and local.
Now, how can you be sure I’m not just putting on my own show?  Take a look at our testimonials.  Customers not only consistently recommend Colorworks, but they come back the next time they need a repair.  That says it all.  Automotive repairs can be overwhelming – you shouldn’t have to feel that way during the process.
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rock-stone-chipsChips?! No, I’m not talking about the snack kind.  The kind you munch on with a delicious dip.  I’m talking about the ones that wind up on your car.  Thanks for tuning into PMS (Pass Me the Star [Screwdriver]!) this week.  You guessed it – this post is about gravel chips.

Have you ever had that horrible feeling when a gravel chip comes hurtling down the highway headed straight for your car?  You hear it connect and dread looking at your front bumper when you stop to assess the damage.  Maybe it is as bad as it sounded.  Maybe it isn’t.  But nonetheless, you likely have a chip on the front of your car that at some point, should be repaired.

What’s the big deal?  That stuff of nightmares called rust.  That’s the big deal.  If your paint has been jeopardized you are opening up your car to rust.  What can you do?  Take your vehicle in for that springtime spruce up, get it buffed and waxed and any damage from the winter cleaned up.  Will chips still happen from time to time?  Sure.  Maintaining your vehicle’s exterior will prolong its shelf life and save you from potentially huge repairs down the road.

Colorworks Express Autobody Centers is your local shop to take care of anything from those pesky gravel chips to fender benders.  Clients consistently have positive experiences and recommend their services to others.  So the next time that horrible feeling starts to set in when a gravel chip comes hurtling your way, take a deep breath.  If you need them, Colorworks has your back.

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Supporting the local community

Wow!  Check out this exciting announcement from The Bluewater Football Academy:
Local businesses are an important part of the community, especially in towns like Saugeen Shores and Owen Sound.  The Bluewater Football Academy is thrilled to announce and welcome the sponsorship of a great local business: Colorworks Express Autobody Centers.  Colorworks provides the best customer service and the best product in the area.  They are your main shop for any and all autobody repair – from a small scratch, to a dent, to a fender bender – they’ve got you covered and can handle your repair.  If you need to put your repair through insurance they are there to support you the whole way through.
The Bluewater Football Academy would like to thank the Colorworks Team for supporting this camp and young athletes in the community!
For more information check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/BluewaterFootballAcademy/?fref=ts
This is another great example of how Colorworks is an active part of their community.  If you live in or around the Saugeen Shores, ON area and have a high school aged student who plays football consider checking out their camp!
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Insurance and Customer Choice


Hi there and thanks for tuning in to PMS! (Pass Me the Star [Screwdriver]).     This week I’d like to circle back to a topic that we touched on a few months ago: Insurance Repair and Choice.

As you may already know – many insurance providers will tell you to take your vehicle to a specific shop when you call in to report an accident.  Is it because they have a relationship with that shop?  Maybe.  Perhaps that’s the easiest way for them to process your repair…because they’ve dealt with that shop before?  I can see that.  But if they don’t let you know you have a choice in the matter?  If their “recommendation” is more of a directive?  I’m not onboard with that.  Do they really care about you and your repair?  I hope so.

The moral of the story?  It’s your choice where to take your vehicle no matter what your insurance provider says.  Do some research and educate yourself on what’s available in your area.  At Colorworks Express Autobody Centres everyone cares not only about your repair, but also about you.  Their staff can walk you through insurance questions and will be on the phone with you.  They make you feel important and local – because you are.

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Tow Truck Agendas?

tow truck_slider

Hi there and thanks for tuning in to Pass Me the Star (Screwdriver) or PMS!  This post is about getting savvy if you, your friends or family are in a collision.  It’s not a pleasant feeling (hopefully no one is injured) and usually exceptionally overwhelming and rattling.

In early December, CBC Marketplace ran an episode on “Tow Truck Tricks” (say that 5 times fast).  I watched the episode recently and couldn’t believe it.  In a nutshell, sometimes tow trucks will appear on the scene of an accident without being called directly.  To the person or people in the collision this is convenient as most folks want to move out of the way as soon as possible.  The catch is that some towing operators will insist you need a tow when you have a drivable repair and then take you to an autobody shop that they have a pre-made arrangement with.  The episode showcases clients who had to pay hefty fees to remove their car from one shop and another who had to wait more than 3 months to get his car back.  Ridiculous!

You can watch the episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOboCgIhcfk

Now, if you are reading this blog and thinking that you will never trust a tow truck driver again, that’s not the point.  Not all tow truck companies are like this, nor are all autobody shops.  Colorworks is backed up by customer reviews and testimonials – something to look for in a shop!  And, the tow truck companies and drivers themselves who have worked with us to transport vehicles are all standup folks.  Unfortunately, it’s behaviour and business like what’s depicted in this episode that can give others in the biz a bad name.  The simple facts, ladies and gents, are that you should be in full control of calling a tow truck if necessary and, more importantly, where to take your car.  It’s your legal right and choice where you want your car to be repaired.  Period.

I hope you watch the episode, or part of it, and educate yourselves so you are prepared should you ever be in this situation.  To me, this is pretty shady stuff and I’m sure it happens more than we think.  If you are in a minor collision and/or your vehicle needs repair I encourage you to bring it to a local business that cares about the customer as much as the repair.

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