Returning a Lease


Hi there and welcome back to another edition of Pass Me the Star (Screwdriver) or PMS.  This week I want to talk about something that impacts many of us – returning a leased vehicle.   

This can be a bittersweet process. You’ve likely become attached to your vehicle while at the same time you’re excited about your next ride. A potential large hurdle is that you are responsible to fix any “oopsies”beyond what is considered, “normal wear and tear” before you return it. “Normal wear and tear” is different for every manufacturer.  How can you set yourself up for success?

You’re in luck!  Colorworks are lease return specialists.  They know what the manufacturers are looking for and can get your car fixed up so you won’t have to pay any pesky damage fees.  What could this mean, you ask?  What do we as leasing consumers need to be aware of?

1) Bumper damage happens very easily on today’s vehicles.  Anything from a dent to a scratch from resting a box will need to be repaired before returning it.

2) Dents and scratches are a reality of driving a car basically anywhere outside.  Every manufacturer has its own guidelines for the size and number of knicks and scratches permitted on a returned vehicle. Colorworks will find your manufacturer’s guidelines and go over it with you so you are able to make decisions on your repairs.

Colorworks are masters with repairing the above.  They are ready to guide you through a painless lease return.  Give them a call two or three months before the end of the lease so they can hook you up!  Good to Go!

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you next week.


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