How Important is a Car’s History?

How Important is a car’s history? You slowly and carefully back into that narrow spot in the underground parking garage. You turn your head for a split second to see who’s honking their horn and SCRAAAAAAPE! The parking garage pillar now has a perfect sample of the Iridium Silver paint you pain-stakingly spent hours choosing in the dealership. You take it to your local body shop and have it fixed. They do an amazing job and it looks like new. You can’t even tell it was ever damaged. It looks the same or even better than it did before it was damaged. So, is your car now worth less? YES.

If a dealer was doing a trade-in appraisal on 2 exact same cars, year make and model, and the only difference is your encounter with the underground garage pillar, your vehicle will be valued 10% – 30% less.

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Insurance Rant

auto-insuranceHi there and thanks for tuning into PMS! (Pass Me the Star [Screwdriver])!  I’ll cut right to the chase this week – I’m whipped up about insurance companies.  Specifically, insurance companies telling you where to fix your car.

Last week I listened to a customer relate how they planned to take their vehicle to an autobody shop they knew and trusted but was told by their insurance company that a) they wouldn’t get a rental vehicle for the weekend b) the shop wouldn’t be able to fix it within the approved timeline and c) that an insurance appraiser wasn’t onsite at that shop.  This is all a load of B.S.  #1 – the shop in question arranged for a rental vehicle to be at the shop that evening.  #2 – any insurance repair must collaborate with the body shop’s schedule to make sure that the repair can be completed in an agreed upon timeline.  It’s a conversation.  #3 – insurance appraisers work with many autobody shops to either stop by and do the estimate themselves or collect the information they need to complete it remotely.

What upset me most was how frustrated the customer was.  This person had been in a minor accident.  They wanted a specific shop to fix their vehicle because they heard that this shop does outstanding work.  They were told misinformation on the phone to make things easier for the insurance company.  I was under the impression that the insurance company was supposed to make things easier for you.  This sure doesn’t seem like the case.

Bottom line – you choose where to take your vehicle for insurance repairs.  It’s your choice and your right.

Thanks for taking in my rant this week.  Catch you next time!


Insurance and Customer Choice


Hi there and thanks for tuning in to PMS! (Pass Me the Star [Screwdriver]).     This week I’d like to circle back to a topic that we touched on a few months ago: Insurance Repair and Choice.

As you may already know – many insurance providers will tell you to take your vehicle to a specific shop when you call in to report an accident.  Is it because they have a relationship with that shop?  Maybe.  Perhaps that’s the easiest way for them to process your repair…because they’ve dealt with that shop before?  I can see that.  But if they don’t let you know you have a choice in the matter?  If their “recommendation” is more of a directive?  I’m not onboard with that.  Do they really care about you and your repair?  I hope so.

The moral of the story?  It’s your choice where to take your vehicle no matter what your insurance provider says.  Do some research and educate yourself on what’s available in your area.  At Colorworks Express Autobody Centres everyone cares not only about your repair, but also about you.  Their staff can walk you through insurance questions and will be on the phone with you.  They make you feel important and local – because you are.

Thanks for tuning in this week.  I’ll catch you later!


It’s your choice!


Hi there!  Thanks for tuning in to PMS (Pass Me the Star [Screwdriver]).  This week I’m dipping into an area that often accompanies autobody repair work – insurance.  Buckle up!

Did you know that when you call in an accident requiring repair work many insurance companies will (emphatically) instruct you on where to take your vehicle?  That lots of companies will promote one shop and even go so far as to tell you that you must take your vehicle there?  This actually happens.  Is there truth in it?  Must you abide by these rules?  None.  Nada.  Absolutely not!

The fact is that it is your legal right to take your vehicle to the autobody shop of your choice.  No matter what!  Insurance companies may tell you to take it to a particular shop because they have a pre-existing relationship with it, or maybe they just really like it, or working with that shop is very easy for them.  It doesn’t matter.  Your insurance company doesn’t guarantee the work on your car – the autobody shop does.  Therefore, a claim can be submitted with work completed by any  professional repair shop.

Colorworks will help you make this call to your insurance company.  They know the lingo with many companies to put claims through and get you the best service and repair possible.  The team at Colorworks will support you in your choice to use them as an autobody repair shop and provide information to your insurance company right over the phone.

I don’t know about you, but after a collision – drive away or not – I’m sure I’d be pretty overwhelmed and stressed.  It would sure be great to have a body shop in my corner when speaking to my insurance company versus the insurance company controlling my repair at their cost decision.  Let Colorworks be in your corner.  They know what they are doing to get you the best repair possible.

Thanks for reading.  Tune in next week when I’ll be going further into the importance of keeping environmental principles and practices in mind – especially for autobody shops.  Catch you next week!


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