3 Common Auto Body Winter Repairs


Canada is known for its winters and though out Canada, with that comes a higher risk of accidents due to quick changes in weather conditions. The wet snow, icy roads, and salt take a toll on your vehicles so it’s no surprise that at Colorworks Autobody Centres, it’s one of our busiest seasons.

Here are some things to be mindful of when you’re on the road this winter.

Rust from Snow and Ice

Cold weather takes a toll on your vehicle’s paint job and can cause lasting damage if not properly treated. The moisture from the snow and ice can also cause rusting, especially in the crevasses of your car. A large contributing factor to the rusting is the de-icing salt used on roads and walkways which can quickly damage a beautiful paint job.

At Colorworks, we can do paint touch-ups and fix small corroded areas to prevent rust from spreading quickly and which can save you from having to get your entire vehicle repainted. Whenever possible you should park your vehicle in a garage or underground parkade during the winter months. This will protect your car or truck from the elements. Many people don’t think to wash their car in winter but don’t wait to get rid of the dirt, salt, and grime that builds up.

More Front Bumper Damage

As the temperature drops, one of the most common problems is front bumper damage. This has become even more problematic as a lot of modern cars now have plastic bumpers which aren’t as durable and damage easier than the steel and chrome ones used in older vehicles. Many drivers hit black ice or skid on wet snow and damage the bumper. Also snow banks become hard and drivers make the mistake of driving over them which can result in dinged bumpers.

Wind Shield Damage

In the winter months debris from trees, bridges, and other obstacles can fall onto the road and then get spit up by passing cars and hit your windshield. Most people also remember when motorists were faced with an expensive bill after the ice storm and ice bombs fell from the Port Mann and Alex Fraser Bridges and shattered their windshields.

Another common problem during winter time is when motorists blast the heat up too quickly in their vehicle and the outside is so cold that the rapid change in temperate can actually cause small hairline fractures to grow and crack the windshield. Do not wait to get the crack fixed as it will spread, and you’ll have to replace the entire windshield. It is much more cost effective to get the crack fixed when its small. In general chips that are smaller than a toonie can be filled, depending on the area.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore problems just because you’re busy – we know winter can be hectic for so many reasons! Come visit us at Colorworks so you can make an informed decision about your vehicle.

Get started. It’s easy, fast and cost-effective.