Our Story

The Colorworks brand has developed from an industry “secret” mainly servicing dealerships and trade customers, to now offering full service, customer friendly auto paint and body repairs.

Colorworks has proven its capability to be a great offering to customers in the market producing over 1,000,000 vehicles since opening in 1991.

We earned our experience working for those in the car trade (dealers, leasing companies, service departments) and these are demanding customers for high quality AND service. Now we’re coast to coast and south of the border. Our trained technicians are experts in quality, technology, and collision repair. We provide professional body, paint, and dent repair to all vehicles. We work on every major automobile brand and offer the same high quality shop-based service on a mobile basis to individual car owners.

Colorworks Values

At Colorworks, we think it is important that you know what our values are so you will know how we make judgement decisions:

Colorworks will consistently deliver the most advanced repairs in the automotive market through a network of successful locations committed to reliability and continuous improvement.


Reliability is paramount in a service business. Colorworks embraces reliability not only because our customers deserve it.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is ceaselessly becoming better at what we do. Each job is better than the last, each day new lessons are learned and implemented and each month the business is more quality oriented and closer to the customer than the last.


Partnership means that we own our business and directly participate in the risks and rewards. Everyone in the Colorworks organization has a role rather than simply has a job.

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